Benefits of MMA shin guards

This guide explains the benefits of using MMA shin guards.

Below, you’ll find out about pros and cons of shin guards in MMA.  There’s also a section on the science of MMA shin guards.

By the end of this page, you’ll understand everything there is to know about whether shin guards are worth it.

Benefits of Wearing MMA Shin Guards

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact sport that allows for a wide range of fighting techniques, from striking and grappling to takedowns and submissions. While the use of gloves is mandatory in MMA competition, there is no such rule when it comes to shin guards. So, should you wear them or not?

There are both pros and cons to wearing shin guards in MMA. Let’s start with the advantages. One of the biggest benefits of wearing shin guards is that they protect your shins from kicks and other impact . This is especially important if you’re training hard and taking lots of kicks. MMA shin guards are an important piece of equipment for any fighter.

MMA shin guards can help protect your shins from kicks and other strikes, as well as reduce the risk of injuries such as bruises, cuts, and broken bones. Shin guards also provide support and stability to your ankles and feet while you are training or competing. Overall, wearing MMA shin guards can improve your performance in the sport by providing more protection and support.

There are different types of MMA shin guards available on the market to suit different needs. Some fighters prefer lighter weight guards that offer less protection but don’t impede their movement too much. Others prefer heavier duty shin guards that offer more protection at the expense of some mobility

The Science of MMA Shin Guards

Mixed martial arts is a dangerous sport. Fighters are constantly getting hit with punches, kicks, and elbows – which can lead to serious injuries. That’s why many MMA fighters choose to wear shin guards during training and fights.

There is scientific evidence that suggests wearing shin guards can help reduce the risk of injury. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that fighters who wore shin guards were less likely to be injured during training than those who didn’t wear them.

Another study looked at the impact of different types of leg strikes on mixed martial arts fighters wearing various types of protective gear. The researchers found that while all types of gear provided some protection, MMA shin guards were most effective at reducing injuries from kicks. In fact, one study found that wearing MMA shin guards reduced the risk fractures by 70%`.

While there are clear benefits to wearing MMA Shin Guards, there are also some drawbacks you should be aware of before using them yourself . They can make it difficult to move around , which gives your opponent a significant advantage if they’re not also hindered by their own gear . Additionally , because they attach just below the knee , they have a tendency fall off when taking hard hits or being put in certain positions – leaving you vulnerable exactly when you need protection most.

All things considered ; It seems like sporting a pair o f these bad boys whenever you step into t he ring could give you quite an edge over your untrained and unprotected opponents

Drawbacks and Risks of Not Wearing Them

There are a lot of different mixed martial arts gear options out there, and it can be tough to know what you really need. One piece of gear that is often debated is the shin guard. Some people swear by them, while others say they’re not necessary. So, what’s the real story? Are MMA shin guards worth it or not?

Let’s start with the pros: one of the biggest advantages to wearing shin guards is that they can protect you from serious injuries. If you take a hard hit to the shins during training or in a fight, having some extra padding can make all the difference between walking away with just a bruise and ending up with a fracture (or worse). In other words, if you want to avoid any risk of injury during an MMA match, wearing shin guards is definitely your best bet.

Now let’s talk about potential drawbacks: as we mentioned before; one downside to using Shin Guards could be discomfort due to their constricting nature . However; this usually isn’t too big of an issue for most athletes since modern technology has resulted in lighter weight and more comfortable materials being used in their construction . Additionally – once fighters get used to having them on -they typically don’t even notice them anymore! All things considered then it seems like deciding whether or not to wear MMA Shin Guards comes down personal preference. But if ask us our vote would be “YES!”


MMA shin guards are an essential piece of gear for any fighter. They can protect the shins from strikes during training and competition, and help prevent injuries to the lower legs. There are some drawbacks to wearing MMA shin guards, such as reduced mobility and comfort. However, these drawbacks may be outweighed by the benefits of protection from injury. For example, if you’re sparring with a partner who is landing hard kicks on your shins without pads, you’re at risk of serious injury. Wearing MMA shin guards can help reduce this risk significantly.

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